Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh SS304 Rodent Mesh Insect Mesh by TORIS Pest Contol Mesh Garden Fine Mesh Sieve Cooking Wire Mesh Replacements Cabinets Wire Mesh

Product Specifications
Measurement System Inch
Brand Name BOHAI
Color stainless steel
Item Shape Wire
Material Stainless Steel
Special Features 1.In spring ,can be used as garden fence mesh or garden shaker sifter , 2.In summer , can be used as Window screens or Animal cage net mesh , 3. In Autumn , can be used as cooking wire mesh replacements or Cabinets Wire Mesh , 4.In Winter ,can be used as Christmas gift box or cooking wire mesh replacements or Fireplace net replacements

Product features

  • –1. 12 Holes Per Linear Inch ,1.58mm Aperture, 0.6mm Wire Diameter, SS304 industry standard woven wire mesh
  • –2. 4 Color to Choose: Stainless Steel is Very widely used from outer space to underwater and everywhere,Stainless is long lasting and attractive , no corrosion, no rust, strong, long lasting
  • –3. Cutting will require the use of industrial punches / dies. The use of regular kitchen scissors or shears is not recommended for this material.
  • –4. Care should be taken when handling this product. The edges are unfinished so protruding wire ends may be sharp. Not suitable for unsupervised use by children.
  • –5. Can be used for Security Mesh,Pest contol Mesh,Construction and Building Meshes, Fan Guard Mesh, Fireplace Screen Mesh, Foundation Vent Meshes, Garden Use Mesh, Gutter Guard Mesh, Insect Screen Mesh, cabinets Mesh, door screen Mesh etc

Product description

#12 Mesh (12 Holes Per Linear Inch) – 1.58mm Aperture – 0.6mm Wire Diameter – SS304 Grade – Woven Wire Mesh 
–1. 304 is the industry standard woven wire mesh stainless steel grade.
–2. SS304 has a good oxidation resistance at roughly 870°C to 925°C depending on use and environment.
–3. SS304 can be used for many applications. It is often found in kitchens, wine and beer making equipment, chemical containers, architectural panels and quarry screens.
–4. Pest contol Mesh :stops Gophers, Snakes, Mice, Bats, Bees, Mouse , Moles , Racoon & Possum , Rats , Voles, Squirrels, Chipmunk
–5. Fireplace Screen Mesh–This steel mesh stops sparks and allows light and heat to pass through.
–6. Insect Screen Mesh —Security insect (stops, rocks,bottles, pets, golf balls etc.)
–7. Security Mesh–Protect your Home, Forest, and Wildlife